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Become a Member

Your membership in REPAIRE reflects your participation in the ecosystem of independent research and experimental arts as well as your solidarity towards the improvement of the living and creative conditions of all artists involved.

You will find below the procedure to become a member of REPAIRE.


How to become a member?

  • Fill the membership form.
  • Once we receive your application form, the REPAIRE membership committee will evaluate your request within a maximum of one month.
  • If your application is accepted, you will then have 30 days to pay your membership fees.


  • Your membership is valid for one year, from July 1 to June 30.
  • Our annual renewal campaign takes place between May and June. The reduced rate for renewals is valid until September 1. After that date, the rate will be the same as the initial membership.
  • Please note that you will only be able to vote at the general meeting if you have been a member for at least four weeks before the meeting.
  • REPAIRE, born from the fusion of CQAM and RAIQ, has chosen to approach the membership of its members in the same way as a first membership, including renewals. We are aware that the process we have put in place is tedious and costly. This choice is explained by the need to be able to assert our professional representative character in the context of the law on the status of the artist, and this even before the Labour Court if necessary. The next renewals will proceed according to a simplified process. Thanks for your understanding.


The individual member is:

  • an artist
  • a collaborator (curator, art critic, mediator, etc)
  • an individual member of a member organization
  • a cultural worker

The member organization is:

  • an artists’ collective
  • a professional arts organization

Regular Member

  • receives information
  • receives the benefits that may be granted to the other various categories of members by the Regroupement
  • has the right to vote
  • has access to services
  • may take part in the deliberations of the general assembly
  • may be elected to the Board of Directors
  • may participate in committees formed by the Board of Directors
  • has a vote at annual and special meetings, regardless of category 
  • must at all times be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, or a Canadian corporation
  • must adhere to the objectives and mission of the Regroupement, either in a personal capacity or as a representative of a legal entity 
  • must apply for membership in the prescribed form and be accepted as a member by the Board of Directors 
  • must meet the criteria determined by the Board of Directors
  • Legal entities and artists’ collectives that are members of the Regroupement shall designate by letter of credentials a representative who may as such participate in the meetings of the members and be eligible as a director, as provided for in this by-law. The legal entity or artists’ collective shall inform the Regroupement in writing of any change of representative. The new representative shall be recognized only upon receipt of such notice. The replacement of a representative who holds a position of director is equivalent to the resignation of the latter. The vacancy in the office of director shall be filled as provided for in the bylaws. An individual may not represent more than one legal entity.

Affiliate Member

An affiliate member is a natural or legal person who supports independent research and experimental arts, shares the objectives of the Regroupement and intends to associate with it for both personal and professional reasons.

The affiliate member:

  • receives information
  • may take advantage of training activities at the affiliate member rate
  • may participate by invitation in committees formed by the Board of Directors
  • Affiliate members do not have voting rights and cannot be elected to the Board of Directors.


Regular individual member

Membership: $ 30
Annual fee *: $ 25

Regular individual member, who belongs to an organization member of REPAIRE

Membership: 20 $
Annual fee *: 10 $

Membre affilié.e (individu ou organisme)

Membership: 25 $
Annual fee *: 20 $

Member organization / collective

  • Operating budget 0 to $ 100,000 : Membership: $ 55 | Annual fee *: $ 50
  • Operating budget $ 100,001 to $ 200,000 : Membership: $ 110 | Annual fee *: $ 100
  • Operating budget $ 200,001 to $ 400,000 : Membership: $ 165 | Annual fee *: $ 150
  • Operating budget $ 400,001 to $ 600,000 : Membership: $ 220 | Annual fee *: $ 200
  • Operating budget $ 600,001 to $ 800,000 : Membership: $ 330 | Annual fee *: $ 300
  • Operating budget $ 800,000 and more : Membership: $ 440 | Annual fee *: $400

* Annual fee: renewal fee starting from the second year of membership (the membership renewal period is from May to June).